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How Wind Generator's Work

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Introduction to How Wind Generator's Work

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The mechanism involved in the operation of wind generators is very simple. Wind is an indirect form of solar energy. Wind turbines help in converting kinetic energy into mechanical power.

Wind power generators convert the mechanical power of wind into electricity. The blades are set in motion by the power of the wind. As the wind starts of the blades to rotate, the shaft starts spinning. This is connected to a generator that generates electricity. Prices to build wind turbinewind power home

Free Power in Wind

Wind energy, being a renewable source of energy, can be used a multiple number of times consistently. It has been found that in some countries, wind energy comprises nearly 10 percent of the electric supply! If you look forward to reducing your dependency on harmful fossil fuels and global warming, then generating electricity through this method is simply one of the best solutions for you.

Wind Power at Home

Wind power home generators can easily be used for domestic purposes. The shape of the blades are designed in an aerodynamic fashion, making it easier for the wind to rotate the blades. The blades in turn help the low speed shaft in spinning, which has a gear on one end that is linked to a small gear on a high speed shaft.

There is a magnetic rotor on the high speed shaft placed inside the generator. This magnetic rotor rotates the loops of copper surrounding an iron core. This spinning leads to an electromagnetic induction in the coils, thereby generating an electric current. View how to build a turbine video

Wind Solar Power

There are mainly two variations in wind generators. These are horizontal-axis and vertical-axis. In the former design, a yaw mechanism is used to rotate the rotor of the wind turbine. Many commercial wind turbines mostly have a range between 100 kilowatts and 5 megawatts. The diameter of a wind power home generator varies from 8 to 25 feet and has the capability of generating a power that range from a few hundred watts to 6 kilowatts.

Generally, the wind speed required to operate a wind turbine is 16 kilometers per hour (or 10 miles an hour). If you are operating a large turbine, then the wind speed required to operate it is nearly 30 miles per hour. The blades of the wind turbine have a rotational rate that equals to 10 to 50 revolutions in a minute.

Therefore, a high speed wind is an essential requirement for running a wind generator. Wind generators have proved highly beneficial for farmers as they can generate additional income by allowing the wind turbines to operate on their field. Build a turbine now

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